Gloucester Gargetts

Leonard Gargett also went to Gloucester…

You might remember me. I am the airline emp who might be the sole Gargett to visit Gargett, AU. Another interesting bit of Gargett lore to share with you. Last fall I took my Dad to Gloucester England to meet Dave Gargett and his family. My father had hooked up with Dave over the web and wanted to take Dave’s invitation to pay them a visit. Much like the startled clerk in Gargett Queensland who had never met a Gargett, Dave and his family and friends were very curious to meet these crazy Yanks. We visited a “proper pub” to watch a rugby match, saw the sights around Gloucester and my Dad left England with an official Brit Police Bobby hat. Dave is a fine guy originally from Yorkshire and is a volunteer in an interesting disaster relief group called Rapid UK We got to visit their command HQ while they were in Pakistan after that severe earthquake last year. I think a link to Rapid UK would be fine addition to Gargett.Com. Just an idea.

Always check in a couple times a year to see where Heather has gone. She and I seem kindred spirits. I still have a list of places I want to visit before my airline job caputs.. As they say in Gloucester and Mackay, AU.. Cheers!

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