Gargett, Queensland Australia

Leonard Gargett wrote this (you can see where it is on the website page)

“If any other Gargett’s get in a big hurry to find Gargett, Queensland. Uh, don’t..

I almost missed it. The lady at the general store said she had never met a Gargett and seemed pretty disinterested in meeting one really. Pretty much an Aussie pub/hotel and a couple businesses. That is it.

The good news is that Eungella National park nearby at the end of the valley is a nice park. I wish I had had time to go over the other side of the ridge into the outback. Looked interesting.

Mackay at the coast side of the valley looked like a neat town. No beaches or anything, but nice.

This area has had 2 major storms in the last year which reminded me of my visit there shortly after 9/11.”

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