Can I Get A Email Address?

George Gargett from the UK asked me “I would like more info about obtaining a email address”

First, my dads name was George Gargett. Died a few years ago, but was born in Alma Michigan in 1917. He has put together some history of the Gargett name, and I hope to get some of it up in the future.

I also have a brother George Gargett, lives in Michigan.

Here is the deal, I run this site just for fun and pay for all the web hosting and the few emails that are out there. Since this is just a labor of love, I really cannot afford to just keep expanding new annual costs for email. I have, however, found out that I can buy them in groups of 10 or 25. Price is US$99.00 per year for 10, US$150.00 for 25. I bought a pack of 10 for our family which runs until the end of 2010. So, if someone wants to purchase a group of 10 or 25 let me know. Two years is the minimum and I make no money on this what so ever.

Oh, and here are the rules – if your name is not taken, you got it. If it is, well, then you have to do an initial or something. First come first serve.

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