Gargett.Com is a site put together by John Gargett of Bellingham, Washington, United States, for the Gargett family.  The Gargett’s seem to be all over the world, particularly in the UK, Australia and here in the US.  If you would like to connect, please send me a note.

Pirates of Poets Cove – Intrigue, Mystery, Piracy, Murder and Dinner Theater

On my side of the Gargett family, the sea is very important.  My paturnal grandmother’s maiden name was Emily Slocum.  She is a direct relative of Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail alone around the world so I guess you can say that sailing, yachting and the oceans have always held interest for me.  That is why I joined the Bellingham Yacht Club.  And to make a long story short, my wife and I put on a cruise for the Bellingham Yacht Club every year to Poets Cove in British Columbia, Canada.  Well, last September during our cruise we kind of made up a story about piracy.  As a result, and after giving it no real thought, I decided to write an ebook called the Pirates of Poets Cove.  I would publish a chapter a month until our cruise next September where we would act out the final Chapter in a Dinner Theater.  Anyway, some friends said I should post it here so if you want to follow along each month, feel free to read a story from someone who has never written a book – The Pirates of Poets Cove.

A John Gargett Story From 1757

I have no idea if it is true, who this John Gargett was, but I got the source from “THE LANGSTAFFS OF TEESDALE AND WEARDALE BY GEORGE BLUNDELL LONGSTAFF Transcribed by CAROLE A.M. JOHNSON COPYRIGHT 2001 All Rights Reserved” on the web (If I am violating the copyright, someone please let me know, but the following is from a newspaper, the Teesdale Mercury. There is nothing from the book.):


One evening in March 1757 a pedlar named John Patrick called at the house of John Gargett, a small farmer of Hury. Gargett was a widower with one child, an imbecile daughter of 14. There is also in Gargett’s house at the time of Patrick’s visit a man called Longstaff, who lived in Mickleton. Business over the three sat down to drink and play cards.

Earlier in the day Patrick had called at the house of another customer, John Raine, a Quaker of Hunderthwaite, and had left his pack there, saying he would return for it in a few days. Several days passed but the pedlar did not return. Raine became alarmed, especially as he knew the missing man left with a considerable sum of money on his person. Raine went over to Hury and questioned Gargett, who said that Patrick left his house late that night about an hour after Longstaff. The latter part of the story was confirmed by neighbours having seen Longstaff enter his own house at a time corresponding with Gargett’s statement. Suspicions got abroad, and after a while, both Gargett and Longstaff were apprehended on the charge of having either killed the pedlar in a quarrel over the cards, or deliberately murdered him for his money.

A man named H——— of Briscoe, an intimate friend of Patrick’s, had a long-standing feud with Gargett’s family, and now exerted himself in endeavouring to substantiate the charge against Gargett, even going so far as to procure subscriptions for that object. The deep pools of the Balder were dragged, the floor of Gargett’s house was dug up, and the ground around pierced with spears in search of a new grave.

Nothing suspicious was discovered, and Gargett preserved a calm demeanour under repeated examinations, adhering to his original statement. Meanwhile Longstaff, for some reason which does not appear, was set at liberty.

Then Gargett’s daughter made a statement to the effect that her father on the night in question knocked the pedlar off his chair with the poker as he sat drinking, and then cut him up with a gully (large knife) and burnt him in the oven! This story was fully believed in spite of the girl’s mental condition, and the old stone oven was pulled down, but nothing was found. Nevertheless Gargett was committed to York Castle. Before the Assizes a Mr. Binks of Stonykeld (near Bowes), in whose service Gargett had been when a youth, and who did not believe in his guilt, having succeeded by solicitation in high quarters in procuring an adjournment of his trial, at his own expense advertised far and wide, offering a reward for information of the pedlar’s whereabouts.

All was in vain. Gargett was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. He was on the point of being hanged, when at the last moment a man appeared at the foot of the scaffold and cried out: “He is innocent. I am the pedlar!” and fell down in convulsions.

When Patrick had sufficiently recovered himself, he-told the following story:—

As a pedlar he dealt largely in contraband goods, and was part owner of a smuggling craft. Needing to replenish his pack, he left Gargett’s house at midnight, taking a short road across the moors and made for Shields, expecting to return in a few days. He boarded his vessel at Shields, but was driven off the coast by a Revenue cruiser and had to take refuge in a Dutch port. On returning, he was much delayed by contrary winds and only got into the Humber two days before that appointed for the execution.

*Abstracted from a long account in the ” Teesdale Mercury.”

The Gargett Gold Mine

Right up here in the Northwest Corner of Washington State in the United States, just a mile or two from the Canadian Border is the remains of the Gargett Gold Mine. I have attached an article from Washington Trails on it, and from what I have found (rather quickly via the web) is that these Gargett brothers either came up from Michigan to Canada, then across Canada and back into Sumas, or they came across the US, with an extended stop in Nebraska. I really do not know, but there are 7 Gargett’s buried here in Sumas:

Gargett Elizabeth 1856 1921  
Gargett Floyd F. 1850 1932  
Gargett Chloe 1884 1967 On same stone as Clyde L. Gargett
Gargett Cleona M. 1892 1956 On same stone as Lloyd F. Gargett
Gargett Lloyd F. 1888 1973 On same stone as Cleona M. Gargett
Gargett Leroy R. 1880 1961 On same stone as Minnie O. Gargett
Gargett Minnie O. 1890 1961 On same stone as Leroy R. Gargett

Some Gargett Geneology

Since a number of you have asked what I might know about the Gargett Geneology, I am putting up a chart my father put together for us (yes, I finally found it). I am guessing that it starts around 1775 in Yorkshire England, and as you can see he was missing information, so if any of you have any, let me know.

Any way, here it is in PDF Descendants of An Unknown Gargett From 1775-Present. You will have to zoom in to read it, and if you print it, you will have to paste the pages together to see it all. I like looking at it on the computer, and I did test it on both my Mac and PC computers.  I have no clue if you have a current version of Adobe Acrobat or not, but you can get it at Adobe free anyway.

Gargett where does it come from?

Aldrene Heather Gargett asked me “Gargett where does it come from?” and “What date does Gargett start etc…”

My dad told me that Gargett originated in France, but we got chased out during the war of the Huguenots where we resettled in England. My dad died a few years ago, but I think he has a lot of that information. I will see if I can dig it out.

And, as an added bonus, here is what I found on SurnameDB:

Surname: Gargett

Recorded in a number of spellings including Gargat, Gargett, Garget, Gourget, Gorget, and Georget, this is an English and French surname. It originated in France as Georget or Geourget, being the diminutive form of Georg or George, a Greek name introduced into Northern Europe by returning Crusader knights. In the 12th century during a period of history known as the Christian revival, many attempts were made by various monarch to free the Holy Land from the Muslims. Of these kings the most famous was probably Richard 1st of England, known as “Lion heart” who actually died at Acre in Palestine, in 1199, whilst besieging the place. The surname as Gourget was probably brought to England in the 17th century by protestant Huguenot refugees fleeing the persecution of King Louis X1V of France (1643 – 1715), a religious bigot whose effects are still felt today. We do know from the surviving registers of the churches of the diocese of Greater London that Gabriel Gourget was a witness at the French church known as La Patente, Soho, on December 28th 1690. By the 1720’s the name spelling has apparently been slightly anglicised to Gorget, when one John Gorget was a witness at St Martins in the Field, Westminster, on November 6th 1721. Later still on January 10th 1729 we have a further development with the recording of Robert Gargett, the son of John Gargett, who was christened at St Bartholomew the Great, in the city of London.

“Didn’t think there were any Gargett out in the world but me”

Benjamin Gargett wrote me saying “didn’t think there were any gargett out in the world but me”

Well there are! I don’t know where this Benjamin lives, but it looks like most are concentrated in Australia and England, with a fair number in the United States. I don’t know if the large number of Gargett’s in Australia is as a result of the resettlement of criminals from England.

Josephine Gargett Turns 90

“When I was 18 the age of 90 seemed impossibly old, and yet here I am….what a great life I have had so far and while I am not 18 any more, I still feel like I am sometimes!” – Josephine Gargett April 27, 2008

That’s what my mom said to me about turning 90.  No regrets, no anything but happiness of spending the day with the family and friends.  I think some of the pictures of the day say it best…we love you Mom!

From the United Kingdom Gargett Clan

Hello from the United Kingdom Gargett clan

Dave Gargett

David Gargett is another Gargett from England.  David works with Rapid UK and here is what he has to say about it – RAPID UK is a Non Govt Organisation consisting of volunteers (35 of us in total at the moment) Ready to deploy anywhere in the world as a self sufficient Search and Rescue Team. The team is made up of folks from the Fire, Paramedic and Police services as well Ex Military and many other fields – we have a building engineer and a few crisis and disaster people… all in all a very good team with vast experience.

The team has been very successful and during the last major earthquake in Pakistan managed over a period of 5 days to rescue 7 people from a collapsed building. Rapid also have a number of projects running worldwide with local teams training in preparedness… Peru. Pakistan, Oman, Costa Rica, India and a few other places… we also supply Ex UK Fire Engines and Ambulances to other volunteers worldwide..

Go Figure, Gargett Hits On The Web

Aaron L. S. Gargett (Ontario, Canada) – Just curious, I was doing a little genealogy digging on the net using Google, and I happened to come accross your website. This of course caught my eye, and so here I am. I live in Kitchener Ontario, Canada, and I didn’t expect to actually find as many hits on GARGETT as I did, – go figure.

It does seem like Gargett has gotten on the web like everything else.  Well, glad you like the site, and keep those cards and letters coming.  And if you are ever out in Vancouver, give me a call since Vancouver is just about 30 minutes from our house.  We are just south of the border.