Gargett.Com is a site put together by John Gargett of Bellingham, Washington, United States, for the Gargett family.  The Gargett’s seem to be all over the world, particularly in the UK, Australia and here in the US.  If you would like to connect, please send me a note.

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  1. Hello my fathers name is David a gargett and my grandfather was James gargett any info about further genealogy would be great. My grandfather lived on lake james in michigan for many years and served in ww 2. This is as much as i know.
    Sincerely Patrick A Gargett

  2. Hi John! Just found your website and excited to find out there are other Gargetts out there and to hear you are also sea faring and write stories (the link didnt work so I couldnt read about the pirates). We grew up by the sea on the south coast of England and sailing/boating/the sea has always been a very important part of my life (though more of a kayaker now). I now live in New Zealand, my brother lives in spain and my dad in france – I will send them a link to this website! Thanks!

  3. Hi John.
    I was born in a dirty pit village in Durham.
    moved to London.
    I was a good Work Study engineer.
    Worked for Otis lifs spent 3 months in Yonker with Otis where I was the first English to qualify in MTM.
    I was a raving cyclist and now live France.
    We are scattered all over the world-My elder sister in OS and my 1st wife and my fist son & daughter.
    my 2nd daughter just who is qualied leader in many sports lives in New Zealand and 2nd son is a teacher of English in Spain.

  4. My maiden name is Gargett and my father came from Newcastle upon Tyne. He was born 1910 Edward Gargett. (deceased). His sister moved to Tasmania. I have a brother Bruce. enjoy your searching

  5. Hello John Gargett. Elizabeth Mary Gargett-Stringer here from England; daughter of the late John Stephen Gargett.
    Would be most interested in tracing whether we are distantly related.

  6. Hi John

    Hello from the UK.

    Could you email me please as I have a question re the site.


  7. Hello fellow Gargett’s
    I am Georgia from the UK
    J still live in where we seem to originate around yorkshire/Durham England and am currently a student at age 16.
    Great to see that there is a website for our very extended (but technically still) family

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