The Gargett Gold Mine

Right up here in the Northwest Corner of Washington State in the United States, just a mile or two from the Canadian Border is the remains of the Gargett Gold Mine. I have attached an article from Washington Trails on it, and from what I have found (rather quickly via the web) is that these Gargett brothers either came up from Michigan to Canada, then across Canada and back into Sumas, or they came across the US, with an extended stop in Nebraska. I really do not know, but there are 7 Gargett’s buried here in Sumas:

Gargett Elizabeth 1856 1921  
Gargett Floyd F. 1850 1932  
Gargett Chloe 1884 1967 On same stone as Clyde L. Gargett
Gargett Cleona M. 1892 1956 On same stone as Lloyd F. Gargett
Gargett Lloyd F. 1888 1973 On same stone as Cleona M. Gargett
Gargett Leroy R. 1880 1961 On same stone as Minnie O. Gargett
Gargett Minnie O. 1890 1961 On same stone as Leroy R. Gargett

3 thoughts on “The Gargett Gold Mine

  1. Maybe it’s a little late to comment… but I will anyway!
    My mother was a Gargett born in Sumas and this list of folks from the cemetery are my great aunts and uncles.
    Are you folks related to this clan?

    The family came via Nebraska, near Kearney.

    Jennifer Barbour

    • Hi Jennifer, thank you for sending your name in. I apologize for the long time in getting back to you, but heck, we are, four our five generations back, related. If you have any information on your family, please feel free to send it down to me and I will see if I can find the links. What I do know is the Gargett’s from Sumas do share a common ancestry.

      All the best,

      John Gargett

  2. I’m pretty new to this site and find my name sake and this is interesting, I’m also John Gargett born Sheffield Yorkshire England April 11th 1969, other than by brother Tim and step sister who’s father was not a Gargett, I’ve never met another Gargett and constantly get told “what an unusual surname”

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