Pirates of Poets Cove – Intrigue, Mystery, Piracy, Murder and Dinner Theater

On my side of the Gargett family, the sea is very important.  My paturnal grandmother’s maiden name was Emily Slocum.  She is a direct relative of Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail alone around the world so I guess you can say that sailing, yachting and the oceans have always held interest for me.  That is why I joined the Bellingham Yacht Club.  And to make a long story short, my wife and I put on a cruise for the Bellingham Yacht Club every year to Poets Cove in British Columbia, Canada.  Well, last September during our cruise we kind of made up a story about piracy.  As a result, and after giving it no real thought, I decided to write an ebook called the Pirates of Poets Cove.  I would publish a chapter a month until our cruise next September where we would act out the final Chapter in a Dinner Theater.  Anyway, some friends said I should post it here so if you want to follow along each month, feel free to read a story from someone who has never written a book – The Pirates of Poets Cove.