From the United Kingdom Gargett Clan

Hello from the United Kingdom Gargett clan

Dave Gargett

David Gargett is another Gargett from England.  David works with Rapid UK and here is what he has to say about it – RAPID UK is a Non Govt Organisation consisting of volunteers (35 of us in total at the moment) Ready to deploy anywhere in the world as a self sufficient Search and Rescue Team. The team is made up of folks from the Fire, Paramedic and Police services as well Ex Military and many other fields – we have a building engineer and a few crisis and disaster people… all in all a very good team with vast experience.

The team has been very successful and during the last major earthquake in Pakistan managed over a period of 5 days to rescue 7 people from a collapsed building. Rapid also have a number of projects running worldwide with local teams training in preparedness… Peru. Pakistan, Oman, Costa Rica, India and a few other places… we also supply Ex UK Fire Engines and Ambulances to other volunteers worldwide..

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