Gargett, Queensland

Gargett, Queensland, Australia

A small sugar town about 50km west of Mackay, Gargett is at the eastern approach to Finch Hatton Gorge and Eungella National Park. The gorge, which is well-appointed with barbecues, toilets and picnic grounds, has well-defined walking tracks, one of which rambles through rainforest to a large, waterfall-fed pool. Wild and majestic, Eungella is one of the most beautiful and accessible national parks in the state. Aboriginal for ‘land of clouds,’ Eungella embraces both tropical rainforest and dry forest, and supports a wide range of plant and native animal life, including platypus. Gargett is in the centre of a chain of small towns on the Mackay-Eungella that run through the patchwork of sugar cane fields of Pioneer Valley. The chain also includes the towns of Marian, Mirani, Pinnacle, Finch-Hatton and, at the head of the valley, Eungella, which is a Mecca for hang-gliders. Local museums fill visitors in on a heritage coloured largely by cane and, briefly in the 1880s, an epidemic of gold fever. (Courtesy of

A visitor (Surname of Gargett of course) had a few comments:  “I almost missed it.  The lady at the general store said she had never met a Gargett and seemed pretty disinterested in meeting one really.  Pretty much an Aussie pub/hotel and a couple businesses.  That is it.  The good news is that Eungella National Park nearby at the end of the valley is a nice park.  I wish I had had the time to go over teh other side of the ridge into the outback.  Looked interesting.”